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Introducing the “VividView” Acrylic Digital Photo and Video Frame, a cutting-edge display solution that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with digital innovation. This battery-powered frame allows you to showcase your favorite memories through vivid photos and videos in a sleek and stylish format.


  1. Crystal-Clear Acrylic Design: The frame is crafted from high-quality acrylic material, providing a crystal-clear and elegant display for your digital photos and videos. The modern design enhances any room’s decor with a touch of sophistication.
  2. Digital Display Brilliance: Enjoy vibrant and true-to-life photo and video playback on the high-resolution digital screen. The frame brings your memories to life with exceptional clarity and color reproduction.
  3. Battery-Powered Convenience: “VividView” operates on battery power, allowing you to place it anywhere in your home without the need for messy cords or electrical outlets. Perfect for creating flexible and eye-catching displays in various settings.
  4. User-Friendly Controls: Easily navigate through your digital memories with user-friendly controls. The frame supports various media formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of photo and video files.
  5. Automatic Slideshow: Set the frame to automatically cycle through your favorite photos or videos in a customizable slideshow mode. Enjoy a dynamic and ever-changing display of your cherished moments.
  6. Versatile Placement: With its battery-powered design, the “VividView” frame is versatile enough to be placed on shelves, mantels, or even used as a tabletop centerpiece. Showcase your memories in any room without constraints.
  7. Ideal Gift for Every Occasion: “VividView” makes for a thoughtful and innovative gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more. Share the joy of cherished memories in a modern and personalized format.

Experience the fusion of modern aesthetics and digital convenience with the “VividView” Acrylic Digital Photo and Video Frame. Display your memories with style, versatility, and the freedom to place it anywhere you desire, thanks to its battery-powered design.






Model No. 5inch 7inch
Screen resolution 854*480ips 1024*600ips
Product size 167*107mm*24mm 221*157*24mm
Display area 108*61mm 150*87mm
Material acrylic + plastic + screen acrylic + plastic + screen
Built-in stock 1GB (128MB-32GB can be customized MOQ 500 units) 1GB (128MB-32GB can be customized MOQ 500 units)
Support picture playback, picture format JPG, BMP JPG, BMP
Support music playback, video playback: Video format AVI, MP4, video support within 720P AVI, MP4 video support within 720P
Built-in battery 3.7V 1000mAh lithium battery 3.7V 1500mAh lithium battery
Interface Type-C (connect to computer via data cable to download and delete content) Type-C (connect to computer via data cable to download and delete content)
Battery life 2-3 hours of continuous use about 3 hours of continuous use
G.W 0.89 KG/PCS 1.5 KG/PCS
Qty 20PCS/Carton 16PCS/Carton
Packing With pure white book box/or neutral English color box With pure white book box

Please note:

1. The video playback method needs to be determined in advance, and the horizontal and vertical switching of the video is not supported.

2. There are two kinds of boxes for 5 inches, white and neutral color boxes with printing, random delivery.

Certificate: CE, FC, RoHs

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VividView" Acrylic Digital Photo and Video Frame - Battery-Powered Innovation


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Weight 0.89 kg
Dimensions 300 × 190 × 105 cm


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Vertical play

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VividView: Acrylic Digital Photo and Video Frame - Battery-Powered Innovation


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