ReviveMax Anti-Fatigue Compression Foot Sleeve Sock – 1 PAIR


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Introducing ReviveMax, the Anti-Fatigue Compression Foot Sleeve Sock, designed to provide maximum comfort and relief for tired and achy feet. Whether you’re on your feet all day or looking for recovery after a workout, this pair of compression socks is your go-to solution for happy and revitalized feet.


Compression Technology: ReviveMax employs graduated compression technology, offering varying levels of compression from the ankle to the arch. This design helps improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and alleviate foot fatigue.


Anti-Fatigue Support: Experience the benefits of anti-fatigue support as ReviveMax reduces the impact of prolonged standing or walking. The compression technology provides targeted support to key areas, promoting comfort and vitality.


Breathable and moisture-wicking: Crafted with breathable and moisture-wicking materials, these foot sleeves keep your feet comfortably dry. Whether you’re at work, hitting the gym, or going about your daily activities, stay fresh and cool.


Snug and Comfortable Fit: The snug fit of ReviveMax ensures a comfortable and secure feel. The sleeves are designed to conform to the natural shape of your foot, providing support without restricting movement.


Versatile Wear: Use ReviveMax for various occasions, from long days at work to intense workouts or recovery after physical activity. The versatile design of these compression foot sleeves makes them suitable for a range of lifestyles.


Easy to Wear and Remove: The user-friendly design allows for easy wearing and removal. Slip on ReviveMax as part of your daily routine or when you need that extra boost of comfort for your tired feet.


  • Compression technology for improved blood circulation.
  • Anti-fatigue support to reduce swelling and foot fatigue.
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking materials provide comfort.
  • Snug and comfortable fit that conforms to the foot.
  • Versatile wear for work, workouts, and recovery.
  • Easy to wear and remove for daily use.

Revive your tired feet with the ReviveMax Anti-Fatigue Compression Foot Sleeve Sock. Experience the revitalizing benefits of graduated compression, which provides support, comfort, and relief throughout your day. Treat your feet to the care they deserve with ReviveMax.




Get back to your daily activities without suffering from sore, achy feet. This anti-fatigue foot sleeve with three levels of compression gives support, boosts circulation, and reduces swelling. This compression sleeve’s breathable fabric is thin, comfortable, and can be worn discreetly under socks all day or alone at night.


It can be worn barefoot or with your shoes and boots. Perfect for long-distance travel or while you walk, run, golf, or work out.


This is a revolutionary compression foot sleeve that helps relieve ankle and foot pain. It provides three levels of compression in seven different zones. Just slip it on, and the sleeve will relieve you of tired, achy feet and swollen ankles. Feel the compression in your foot’s ball, arch, plantar fascia, heel, and ankle, and immediately you will feel a soothing relief.

The targeted compression is just like a therapeutic foot massage that helps support your feet, stimulate circulation, and reduce swelling. It is lightweight and comfortable, and you can wear it discreetly under any socks.



Designed to increase blood circulation and reduce swelling

combats the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Quick and convenient to wear

Not visible under your clothing

Unisex and fits either foot

Perfect compression sleeve for travel, sports, work, or home

Open-toe design

Soothes and relieves achy heels and feet




Women: Shoe Sizes 6–9.5

Men: Shoe Sizes 5–9.5


Women: Shoe Sizes 10–13.5

Men: Shoe Sizes 10–12.5


  • Product Name : Anti-Fatigue Compression Foot Sleeve Sock (1 PAIR)
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Anti-Fatigue Compression Foot Sleeve Sock 1 PAIR

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ReviveMax Anti-Fatigue Compression Foot Sleeve Sock - 1 PAIR