Nordic Lamps: Creative Moon Bubble Lights for a Unique Bedroom Chandelier


  • White ball 12cm
  • Color ball 12cm
  • Golden 13pcs
  • Black 13pcs
  • Golden 7pcs
  • Black 7pcs
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Nordic Lamps are a creative and unique bedroom chandelier that captures the essence of Nordic design with a touch of whimsy. These lamps feature moon-inspired shapes and delicate bubble elements, creating a celestial and enchanting atmosphere in your bedroom.

Key Features:

  1. Celestial Moon Design: Immerse your bedroom in the celestial beauty of a moon-inspired design. The lamps mimic the gentle curves of the moon, adding a sense of tranquility and dreaminess to your sleeping space.
  2. Bubble Elements for Whimsy: Enhance the whimsical charm with delicate bubble elements incorporated into the design. The bubbles create a magical and ethereal quality, transforming the Nordic Moon Bubble Lights into captivating and artistic chandeliers.
  3. Soft and Ambient Illumination: Emitting soft and ambient illumination, these lights provide a gentle glow that enhances the cozy atmosphere of your bedroom. The warm light complements the moon and bubble design, creating a soothing environment.
  4. Versatile Placement: Designed for versatility, Nordic Moon Bubble Lights are suitable for various bedroom settings. Hang them above the bed for a dreamy focal point, or install them in a cozy reading nook to add a touch of enchantment.
  5. Moon Phases and Patterns: Some models may incorporate different moon phases or patterns, adding variety and interest to the chandelier design. The moon’s various stages contribute to a dynamic and visually engaging aesthetic.
  6. Adjustable Hanging Heights: Depending on the design, these lights may feature adjustable hanging heights. Customize the placement of the chandelier to suit your bedroom’s ceiling height and spatial requirements.
  7. Natural Materials for Nordic Touch: Crafted from natural materials such as wood or eco-friendly materials, these lights embrace the Nordic design principle of incorporating elements from the natural world. This adds a touch of Scandinavian simplicity to the overall aesthetic.
  8. Customizable Lighting Options: Some models may offer customizable lighting options, allowing you to adjust the brightness or even the color temperature. This customization provides flexibility to create different atmospheres in your bedroom.
  9. Artistic Centerpiece: Nordic Moon Bubble Lights serve as artistic centerpieces that anchor the design of your bedroom. Their unique and creative design makes them not just functional lighting but also captivating works of art.
  10. Creates a Whimsical Bedroom Atmosphere: Infuse your bedroom with a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere. The combination of the moon-inspired design and delicate bubble elements transports you to a dreamlike space, making your bedroom feel like a magical haven.

Where to Find Your Nordic Moon Bubble Lights: Explore these Nordic Moon Bubble Lights at Nordic design stores, boutique lighting shops, or online platforms specializing in whimsical and creative lighting fixtures. Illuminate your bedroom with the celestial beauty and enchanting charm of these unique chandeliers, turning your sleeping space into a dreamy retreat.

Product information:

Power: 41W(inclusive)-50W(inclusive)

Style: Nordic

Light source color temperature K value: 4000K

Suitable space: bedroom/study

Color category: Gold and black

Whether the lamp has a light source: Yes

Voltage: 220V

Main material of lamp body: iron

Lampshade main material: PMMA high transmittance lampshade

Type of light source: led lamp

Number of light sources: 10 (including)-15 (excluding)

Process: Paint scrub

Irradiation area: 15㎡-30㎡

Lamp shape: fish chandelier

Pendant lamp type: iron pendant lamp

Packing list:

1* chandelier


Product Image:

Additional information

Weight 3.70 kg
Dimensions 620 × 620 × 500 cm

White ball 12cm, Color ball 12cm


Golden 13pcs, Black 13pcs, Golden 7pcs, Black 7pcs

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Nordic Lamps: Creative Moon Bubble Lights for a Unique Bedroom Chandelier


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