Bicycle mobile phone holder designed for secure and reliable support while cycling.


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Enhance your cycling experience with our Secure Ride Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder, designed to provide secure and reliable support for your mobile phone while you navigate the roads or trails. This durable and adjustable holder ensures that your device stays in place, allowing you to stay connected without compromising safety.


  1. Universal Compatibility: The bicycle phone holder is universally compatible with a wide range of smartphones, ensuring that your device fits securely whether it’s an iPhone, Samsung, or other popular models.
  2. Secure Grip Technology: The holder features a secure grip mechanism with adjustable clamps that securely hold your phone in place. Enjoy a worry-free ride, knowing that your device is stable and won’t fall off during bumpy rides.
  3. 360-Degree Rotation: Achieve the perfect viewing angle with the 360-degree rotation feature. Easily adjust your phone’s position to suit your preference for navigation, fitness tracking, or simply checking notifications on the go.
  4. Shockproof Design: The holder is equipped with a shockproof design, providing extra protection for your phone against vibrations and shocks while cycling. Keep your device safe and sound, even on rough terrains.
  5. Tool-Free Installation: Install the phone holder on your bicycle handlebars effortlessly, without the need for additional tools. The tool-free installation ensures that you can set it up quickly and easily, getting you ready for your ride in no time.
  6. Adjustable Clamp Width: The clamp width is adjustable, accommodating various handlebar sizes. Whether you have a mountain bike or a road bike, this holder is designed to fit a range of handlebar diameters securely.
  7. Sturdy and Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the phone holder is built to withstand outdoor conditions and frequent use. The sturdy construction ensures durability and reliability over time.
  8. Easy Access to Ports and Buttons: The design of the holder allows easy access to your phone’s ports, buttons, and headphone jack. Charge your device or use its features without removing it from the holder.
  9. Quick Release Mechanism: The quick-release mechanism makes it easy to attach or detach your phone from the holder. Enjoy the convenience of a quick release when you need to use your phone off the bike.
  10. Sleek and Compact Design: The sleek and compact design of the phone holder adds a minimalistic touch to your bike. It doesn’t interfere with your cycling experience while providing essential support for your mobile phone.

Stay connected and navigate with confidence during your cycling adventures with our Secure Ride Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder. Experience the perfect blend of security, adjustability, and durability to make your rides safer and more enjoyable.


A high-firmness, four-legged, symmetrical mechanical lock can not be shaken off.

Lightweight, high hardness, high strength, good toughness, lightweight

Strong versatility, suitable for most 3.5-7.0 inch mobile phones

Flexible installation method, installation and use directly without tools

Universal adjustment: mobile phone 360 degrees can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.


Product name: bicycle support

Material: tough nylon

Product color: black

Suitable size: the width of the phone is between 58 and 90mm

The phone is 115–180 inches in length

The thickness of the phone is within 12mm

Fixed mode: four-angle symmetrical hook claw + mechanical locking

Installation: can be fixed on the top of the horizontal, bowl cover or the front of the vertical

Package Content:

1 x Holder

Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder: Tough Nylon Bicycle Support

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 200 cm

Mei red


A bike, Motorcycle

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Bicycle mobile phone holder designed for secure and reliable support while cycling.


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