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  • Cream White
  • Fresh Mint
  • Romantic Cherry Blossoms
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Introducing the ComfortShell Pet Grooming Comb, a shell-shaped grooming tool designed to provide a comfortable and efficient grooming experience for dogs, rabbits, and other furry pets. Say goodbye to tangles and shedding hair as you pamper your pet with this gentle and effective comb.


  1. Shell-Shaped Design: The unique shell-shaped design adds a touch of charm to the grooming routine. The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to maneuver and ensuring a pleasant grooming experience for both you and your pet.
  2. Universal Suitability: Suitable for dogs, rabbits, and various other pets with different coat types. The versatile design ensures that you can use the comb on various breeds and sizes, providing a one-size-fits-all solution for your grooming needs.
  3. Gentle and Comfortable: The rounded edges and carefully spaced teeth of the comb provide a gentle grooming experience. Say goodbye to tugging and discomfort for your pet, as the ComfortShell comb effortlessly glides through their fur.
  4. Effective Tangle Removal: Designed to tackle tangles and mats, the comb’s teeth penetrate deep into the fur, gently detangling and preventing discomfort for your pet. Keep your furry friend’s coat smooth and free from knots.
  5. Reduces Shedding: The ComfortShell comb effectively removes loose and shedding hair, helping to minimize shedding and keep your pet’s coat healthy and vibrant. Regular grooming with this comb promotes a clean and well-maintained appearance.
  6. Comfortable Grip Handle: The handle is designed for comfort during extended grooming sessions. Enjoy a secure and comfortable grip that allows you to groom your pet with ease.
  7. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality and durable materials, the ComfortShell comb is built to withstand regular use. Invest in a grooming tool that will last, providing long-term comfort and effectiveness.
  8. Easy to Clean: The smooth design of the comb makes it easy to clean after use. Simply remove any collected hair and debris, ensuring that the comb remains hygienic for your pet’s grooming sessions.
  9. Suitable for Wet or Dry Fur: The ComfortShell comb can be used on both wet and dry fur, offering flexibility in your grooming routine. Whether it’s post-bath detangling or regular maintenance, this comb is up to the task.
  10. Ideal for Bonding Moments: Turn grooming into a bonding experience with your pet. The gentle and comfortable grooming provided by the ComfortShell comb allows for moments of connection and care between you and your furry friend.

Make grooming a pleasant experience for your pet with the ComfortShell Pet Grooming Comb. Tangles and shedding are easily managed with this gentle and effective tool, ensuring that your pet’s coat stays beautiful, healthy, and comfortable.


1. Smooth and Shiny Fur: This dog grooming comb effectively detangles and removes knots and mats from your pet’s hair, making it smoother and shiny. The extra long comb teeth can reach deep into the fur and remove hair easily.

2. Comfortable Grooming: The dog grooming comb has an anti-slip and ergonomic handle that reduces hand stress and fatigue during grooming. Easily take care of your pet’s fur with this durable and easy-to-use comb.

3. Gentle Care: This dog grooming comb has round teeth that prevent any discomfort or irritation during grooming. It makes your pet more comfortable and secure while you comb their fur.

4. Reduce shedding: This dog grooming comb gently removes loose hair and undercoat, reducing shedding by up to 90%. It also promotes healthy skin and hair by distributing natural oils and preventing tangles and mat formation.

5. Universal Design: This comb is suitable for all hair types, from short-haired to long-haired breeds. It works well for dogs, cats, rabbits, puppies, and even bunnies.

Product information:

Applicable object: Cat

Specifications: Cream White, romantic cherry blossoms, fresh mint

Type: hair removal comb

Material: Plastic

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Hair removal comb X1

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Dog Grooming Comb Comfortable Pet Small Lice Flea Combs Universal Shedding Brush Shell Comb Removes Tangles For Dogs Rabbit Pets Products

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 40 cm

Cream White, Fresh Mint, Romantic Cherry Blossoms

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