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Experience the convenience and creativity of the RotateFresh Double Layer Kitchen Fruit and Vegetable Washing Basket. This innovative household essential features a removable double-layer design, a draining basket, and a rotating washing basin, making it the perfect tool for efficiently washing, draining, and storing fresh produce.


  1. Removable Double-Layer Design: The RotateFresh basket features a double-layer design that can be easily separated for individual use or stacked for a double-layer basin. Please customize the basket according to your washing and draining needs.
  2. Draining Basket: The top layer of the basket functions as a draining basket, allowing water to easily flow through and away from your fruits and vegetables. This feature ensures thorough washing and efficient drainage.
  3. Rotating Washing Basin: The bottom layer is a rotating washing basin, providing a convenient space for washing and preparing your produce. Rotate the basin as needed, making accessing different parts of your fruits and vegetables easy.
  4. Creative and Practical Design: The RotateFresh basket showcases a creative and practical design that simplifies kitchen tasks. Wash, drain, and store your produce with efficiency and style.
  5. Durable and Safe Materials: Crafted from durable and safe materials, the RotateFresh basket is suitable for contact with various fruits and vegetables. The materials are easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic environment for your fresh produce.
  6. Non-Slip Base: The non-slip base of the basket provides stability during use, preventing accidental slips or spills. Enjoy a secure and steady washing experience with this thoughtful design feature.
  7. Versatile Use: Use the RotateFresh basket for washing and preparing a variety of fruits and vegetables. From berries to leafy greens, this versatile basket accommodates different types of produce with ease.
  8. Space-Saving Design: The compact and stackable design of the RotateFresh basket makes it easy to store in your kitchen. Save space on your countertop or sink area while keeping your kitchen organized.
  9. Easy to Clean: The basket is designed for easy cleaning. The removable double-layer design allows for thorough cleaning of each component, ensuring that your basket stays fresh and ready for use.
  10. Ideal for Everyday Use: Make the RotateFresh Double Layer Kitchen Fruit and Vegetable Washing Basket a staple in your kitchen for everyday use. Simplify your produce preparation routine with this creative and functional household tool.

Upgrade your kitchen with the RotateFresh Double Layer Kitchen Fruit and Vegetable Washing Basket, a versatile and space-saving solution for efficient washing, draining, and storing of your fresh produce. Enjoy the convenience of a well-designed kitchen essential that adds both creativity and practicality to your daily routine.



1. Multifunctional Colander Set: The 4-in-1 Colander Set has 3 blades, which can meet the needs of kitchen fruits and vegetables: washing, draining, storing, mixing, and slicing. Ideal kitchen helper.

2. Rotatable Design: With a rotating pivot, the colander stays horizontal, and food will not fall out when draining water. Or you can drain the food by lifting the colander.

3. 3 Blades: Coming with 3 blades (slicing blade, coarse shredding blade, fine shredding blade). The center of the lid is designed to place the three blades to cut the vegetables, making it ideal for shredding vegetables and cheese.

4. Easy to Clean: The colander strainer set with a grater is detachable, easy to store, and easy to clean. Whether a professional chef or a home cook, this multifunctional colander set will be your perfect kitchen tool for daily cooking.

Product Information:

Color: Nordic pink, Nordic green, Nordic blue, Nordic beige

Material: Stainless steel

Style: Nordic

Style: rotate

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Filter basin * 1

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Kitchen Fruit and Vegetable Washing Basket RotateFresh Double Layer

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Weight 1.20 kg
Dimensions 330 × 300 × 160 cm

Nordic Beige, Nordic Blue, Nordic Green, Nordic Pink

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Kitchen Fruit and Vegetable Washing Basket RotateFresh Double Layer