Effortless Glam: Lazy Eyeshadow Stick for Easy, Waterproof, Stereo Gradient Shimmer


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  1. Diagonal Cutting Technology: This creates a natural gradient effect, providing a seamless transition between colors.
  2. Soft and Delicate Texture: The eyeshadow stick boasts a soft and delicate texture, giving a gentle and moisturizing application experience.
  3. Waterproof and Long-lasting: It’s designed to be waterproof, ensuring the eyeshadow remains intact for extended wear.
  4. Easy Application: The stick allows easy and swift application, eliminating the need for brushes or multiple eyeshadow pots.


Discover the allure of Lazy Double Color Eyeshadow, a captivating addition to your beauty routine. Measuring at a convenient 5212cm and weighing approximately 30g, this eyeshadow boasts a palette of six vibrant colors for you to choose from. Packaged in an eye-catching color box, it caters to a general audience and is suitable for normal skin types. With a net product content of 3.8g, this eyeshadow ensures lasting wear and a flawless finish. Its impressive shelf life of 3 years provides you with long-lasting beauty options. Elevate your makeup game with Lazy Double Color Eyeshadow—your key to effortlessly enhancing your natural beauty. Explore the possibilities, and let your eyes do the talking

Convenient refill: Rotate gently to adjust the length of the refill at will, which is more convenient and intimate

Style A: Rotating Upgraded Version 1#

Style B: Rotating Upgraded Version 2#

Style C: Rotating Upgraded Version 3#

Style D: Rotating Upgraded Version 4#

Style E: Rotating Upgraded Version 5#

Style F: Rotating Upgraded Version 6#

Style G: push-pull section 1#

Style H: push-pull section 2#

Style I: Push-pull section 3#

Style J: push-pull section 4#

Style K: push-pull section 5#

Style L: push-pull section 6#

Lazy Eyeshadow Stick Stereo Gradient Shimmer Double Color Eye Shadow Pen Waterproof Easy-To-Wear Eyeshadow

Package Content:

1*eye shadow

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Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm

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Effortless Glam: Lazy Eyeshadow Stick for Easy, Waterproof, Stereo Gradient Shimmer


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