Wireless Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones Headband Thin Soft Elastic Comfortable Music Ear Phones Eye Mask For Side Sleeper Sports


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Experience a new level of comfort and relaxation with our Wireless Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones Headband. Designed with a thin, soft, and elastic profile, this innovative headband ensures a blissful night’s sleep or peaceful moments of relaxation, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music or soothing sounds wirelessly.


  1. Ultra-Thin and Soft Design: Our headband is crafted with a feather-light and ultra-thin profile, providing a soft and comfortable feel against your head. The thin design ensures that it stays in place without adding bulk, making it ideal for side sleepers and those who prefer minimalistic sleep accessories.
  2. Elastic and Secure Fit: The headband features an elastic construction that adapts to your head’s shape, delivering a snug and secure fit throughout the night. Say goodbye to uncomfortable earbuds and bulky headphones – our headband stays in place without causing pressure points.
  3. Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamlessly connect to your favorite devices using Bluetooth technology. Enjoy the freedom of wireless audio streaming without the hassle of cords, allowing you to move freely and comfortably while listening to your preferred sounds.
  4. High-Quality Sound: Delight in crystal-clear audio quality, whether you’re listening to calming music, audiobooks, or white noise. The built-in speakers are strategically positioned for optimal sound delivery without disturbing your sleeping partner.
  5. Long Battery Life: Our Bluetooth headband boasts an extended battery life, ensuring it lasts throughout the night or during extended relaxation sessions. Charge it easily with the included USB cable for continuous enjoyment.
  6. Versatile Usage: Perfect for various scenarios, including sleeping, meditation, travel, or simply unwinding after a long day. The wireless design eliminates the hassle of tangled wires, providing a hassle-free and comfortable experience.
  7. Washable and Durable: Keep your headband fresh and clean by removing the Bluetooth module and tossing it in the wash. The durable construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable companion for your nightly routine.
  8. Stylish and Practical: The sleek and modern design not only enhances your sleep experience but also adds a touch of style to your relaxation routine. Choose from a range of colors to match your personal preferences.

Embrace a serene and wire-free sleep environment with our Wireless Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones Headband. Immerse yourself in a world of soothing sounds and unparalleled comfort, ensuring restful nights and rejuvenating relaxation.


【Sleep Headphones & Sports Headband 2 in 1】- Lavince Sports Headband allows you to listen to your music without having to wear additional headphones, and protects you from being disturbed by your messy hair and sweat. Microphone to let you won’t miss any callings.Perfect suitable for gym, workout, running, yoga and other outdoor activities. Ideal for children, college students, dorm life, shared apartments, noisy roommates, snoring spouses and co-eds.

【Wireless Version-5.0 Technology 】- Wireless Headband pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet device quicker & easier. 45 feet wireless range, rechargeable LiPO battery and a 2-hour charging time provide up to 10 hours of Playing Music or 12 hours of Talking with a 100 hours standby time. Perfect fit Sports or Sleep.

【Premium Audio Quality 】 – Thickness is only 0.25-inch speaker, which is very comfortable for sleepers. True HD HIFI sound featuring the latest Bluetooth technology that produces great sound quality.

【Best Sleeping Headphones for Side Sleeper】Devices module is in the middle of the speakers, and won’t press the ears, which is very comfortable for side sleepers sleeping. The ultra-thin flat headphone speakers are comfortable enough to wear while lying down or sleeping on your side. They block out ambient noise without using earplugs that are painful & fall out.

【Fashion, Comfy & Washable】 – Our sports headband is made of special fabric, compressive on pressure to protect your ears and has great breathability. Please take out the devices module before full wash the headband.

Product information:

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Bluetooth protocol: AGHSP

Bluetooth solution: Lanxun

Bluetooth transmission distance: 10 meters

Headphone channel: stereo (2.0)

Music playback time: maximum sound 7H, medium volume 10 hours

Microphone distance: 1 meter

Bluetooth standby time: 72H

Battery capacity: 150ma/h

Battery power: 0.55W

Speaker impedance: 32 ohm

Speaker power: 0.02W

Frequency range: 2.4-2.4835GHz

Sensitivity: 45db

Transmitting power: 6dB

Audio output distortion: 0.6%

Audio output signal-to-noise ratio: 93dB

Charging time: 1-2 hours

Maximum input voltage: DC 5V

Maximum input current: 150mah

Maximum input power: 0.55W

Product packaging information

Size: 27cm*10cm

Packing accessories: Bluetooth headscarf. Manual. Charging cable. OPP bag

This is CE certified


Packing list:

1*Bluetooth Headscarf. Instruction Manual. Charging Cable. OPP Bag


Wireless Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones Headband Thin Soft Elastic Comfortable Music Ear Phones Eye Mask For Side Sleeper Sports

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 270 × 150 × 150 cm

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Wireless Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones Headband Thin Soft Elastic Comfortable Music Ear Phones Eye Mask For Side Sleeper Sports


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