Mini Silent Atomizer: Create a Relaxing Bedroom Atmosphere with Large Fog Volume


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Transform your bedroom into a tranquil oasis with our USB Home Mini Silent Atomizer. This compact and silent atomizer is designed to effortlessly disperse a large volume of fog, creating a serene and calming atmosphere in your personal space. Enjoy the benefits of a quiet and efficient atomizer that enhances your home environment with ease.


  1. Silent Operation: Experience the tranquility of silent operation. The USB Home Mini Silent Atomizer ensures a peaceful and undisturbed atmosphere, making it perfect for bedroom use, relaxation, and unwinding after a long day.
  2. Large Fog Volume: Despite its mini size, this atomizer boasts a large fog volume, providing ample coverage for your bedroom. Enjoy the soothing mist that fills the air, promoting a calming ambiance that enhances your overall well-being.
  3. USB-Powered: Conveniently power your atomizer with a USB connection. Whether you use a USB adapter, power bank, or your computer, this USB-powered atomizer offers flexibility and compatibility for easy operation.
  4. Efficient Surface Atomization: The atomizer is designed for efficient surface atomization, ensuring that the fog is evenly dispersed throughout the room. Create a uniform and relaxing mist that blankets your bedroom for an immersive experience.
  5. Compact and Portable: The mini size and portability of the atomizer make it easy to place on your desk, bedside table, or any surface in your bedroom. Bring the calming effects of mist wherever you go, ensuring a serene atmosphere wherever you are.
  6. One-Button Operation: Simplify your experience with one-button operation. Easily control the atomizer with a single button, allowing you to adjust the mist intensity or turn it on and off effortlessly.
  7. Versatile Use: Enhance various aspects of your daily life with the USB Home Mini Silent Atomizer. Use it during meditation, while reading, or as a background ambiance for a restful night’s sleep. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to your home.
  8. LED Lighting Option: Enjoy a multi-sensory experience with optional LED lighting. The atomizer features LED lights that add a gentle glow to your bedroom, creating a soothing visual element to complement the misty ambiance.

Transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquility with the USB Home Mini Silent Atomizer. Experience the calming effects of a large fog volume, silent operation, and efficient surface atomization. Elevate your relaxation routine and create a peaceful atmosphere that promotes rest, rejuvenation, and a sense of well-being.




1. Continuous spray and indirect spray in two modes, with one key switch

2. Colorful atmosphere lights, and cool

3. Low noise does not affect sleep

4. Moisturize at any time; do not wet the desktop

5. Compact and lightweight, can be used in the car






Product color: Pink/White/Navy Navy

Product parameters: Rated input: DC5.0V/1.0A

Working current: 250-350 mA

Rated power: 2W

Water tank capacity: 300 ml

Spray volume: 25–35 ml/h

Timing shutdown: 4 hours/6 hours (intermittent spray)

Product material: ABS/PP/electronic components



Package Content:

1 x Purifying Humidifier


USB Home Mini Silent Bedroom Large Fog Volume Desk Surface Atomizer

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Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 100 × 300 × 300 cm

3pc, A Combination, A, B, C, Grey and Cotton swab10pcs, Grey2, Navy Blue 2pcs, Pink



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Mini Silent Atomizer: Create a Relaxing Bedroom Atmosphere with Large Fog Volume


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